Here are the links to know in order to log in, vote and watch the May 11th 2020 AGM livestream.



7:00 – Sandra intro/ State of the Union
           Time to Vote
           Emergency Relief Fund Update
           Introduce Lobbyists Tara and Sean
7:15 – Lobbyists Tara Mazurk and Sean Casey from Global Public Affair Presentation
7:30 – Monty Scott on Budget
7:40 – Adam Growe on CANCOM
7:50 – New Exec Board 1st VP – Paul Snepsts talks about sketch being included
8:00 – New Exec Board 2nd VP – Darryl Purvis talk about why he joined
8:10 – New Exec Board Funding Officer – Drew Picklyk talks about why he joined and a bit about membership. (Passing subject to Charles as you will be working on it together)
8:20 – Charles Demers on Membership and purpose.
8:30 – Sandra wrap up and thank yous