Who Runs This Association?

Monty Scott
Monty ScottPresident
For the last decade, Monty Scott has been leaving Canadian audiences in stitches from coast to coast with appearances on the Comedy Network, MTV, Bite TV and Sirius XM radio.

Born and raised in Scarborough Ontario, he manages to combine an urban practicality with an intellectual and often silly bent.

Always smart and original Monty leaves audiences gasping for air as he shares his opinions on a huge variety of subjects.

Nick Durie
Nick DurieTreasurer
Nick Durie started standup at the ripe age of 37 in the unripe city of Hamilton. Now back in Toronto where he belongs, Nick performs regularly at Absolute Comedy and The Corner Comedy Club, all the while balancing a professional career almost no one understands.

By day, Nick is a Learning Solution Director at a reinsurance company and has delivered presentations at many conferences throughout North America, combining his daytime job (learning) with his nighttime passion (comedy).

Drew Picklyk
Drew PicklykFunding Officer

Drew Picklyk is a Toronto-based stand-up comedian. Starting standup in Montréal he moved back home to Ontario in late 2016 and quickly established himself in the Toronto-based scene going on to appear as a finalist in the 2017 Toronto Comedy Brawl.

Holding a graduate certificate in labor studies from the City University of New York,he has previously worked with the “Fight for $15 and fairness” movement to produce comedy benefit shows and remains active in the labour movement.

You can also hear him weekly on the podcast “Let’s Come to an Understanding” with co-host Amish Patel.

Open Position1st Vice-President

The 1st Vice-President shall act in the absence of the President, and perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.


Interested? Contact us to schedule a meeting with the Board: www.canadianstandup.ca/contact


Open Position2nd Vice-President

The 2nd Vice-President shall perform duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.


Interested? Contact us to schedule a meeting with the Board: www.canadianstandup.ca/contact


Janelle Niles
Janelle NilesMembership Officer

Janelle Niles is a Black – Mi’kmaq woman from Sipekne’katik, Nova Scotia. Janelle’s comedy career began in Ottawa, Ontario and soon to follow with her indigenous comedy show called Got Land? which expresses solidarity through humour. Janelle had the opportunity to perform on Just For Laughs, JFL42, Toronto in 2022 with Got Land? Watch Janelle on CBC Gem’s New Wave Of Stand-up Season 2 (Canada Only).

Janelle has also performed with Crackup Comedy Festival and Arctic Comedy Festival alongside her peers. She appeared on APTN’s Indigenous Day Live 2022, now on APTN’s Lumi. She frequents the United States and hopes to perform in New York City.

Janelle’s humour is described as eccentric yet captivating.

Open PositionSecretary
The Secretary shall keep a record of minutes taken of the proceedings of Association meetings (such minutes to be made available to all Members) and shall have custody of all books, records and papers of the Association, except such as shall be in the custody of other persons authorized to have possession by resolution of the Board of Directors.

Interested? Contact us to schedule a meeting with the Board: www.canadianstandup.ca/contact

Johanne Britton
Johanne BrittonComedian Ally
Johanne has been a promoter, supporter and advocates for comedy for over a decade, including bilingual digital marketing strategy support for individual artists.

With roots in Montreal, QC, she is currently the President of The Mob’s Press, a marketing and promotions company that caters to artists. With her art, comedy, culture and event ticketing platforms, she provides artists the tools they need to maximize online visibility, create new opportunities and expand comedians’ networks.

She is a founding member of The Canadian Association of Stand-up, Sketch and Improv Comedians and continues to work voluntarily for the association. She is currently working on her own comedy brand, Red Fedora Comedy, and will be launching its first tour CANFRAN Comedy Tour in 2022.