Benefits of a CASC Membership

Get access to affordable health benefits, car insurance, everyday discounts, exclusive news and more.


All CASC Members have the right to attend meetings and vote at the Annual General Meeting and committee meetings.


CASC Members will have access to special content and news about the government, grants and more.


CASC Members will get discounts from companies and organizations that we have partnered with.

To become a Member of CASC, you must:

  • Have publicly performed as a comedian (stand-up, sketch or improv), or written for publicly performed comedy;

  • Have read, support, and agreed to the Objectives of the Association;

  • Identify as an aspiring professional, or established professional comedian;

  • Are Canadian citizens, or landed immigrants; and
  • Have registered with the Association and paid the annual Membership Fee.

Once completed, please check your email to confirm your email address and your membership.

Join the Community

Become a CASC member and grow the comedy community in Canada. Whether you perform in English or French, CASC is here to support and advocate for you.