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The Canadian Association of Stand-up, Sketch & Improv Comedians has recruited ambassadors all across Canada to help spread the word about CASC. There can be more than one ambassador in any given community, province or territory. If you are interested in representing your community, province or territory on behalf of CASC, contact us at

If you would like to help the ambassador in your province or ask them a question please see their email address below each bio.


Ted Morris

Born in Ottawa and now making his home in Toronto, Ted Morris is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer…and small animal veterinarian? He’s clearly going for a very specific niche.

As a stand-up comic he’s been called “fresh faced and hilarious” and “a real gem” by NOW Magazine. He has performed at the “We’re Funny That Way” , Halifax, Winnipeg, Glasgow and Sudbury Comedy Festivals, is a rostered comic for the Yuk Yuk’s chain of comedy clubs and a sought after corporate comedian. In 2016 he made his debut at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal where he filmed a set for Kevin Hart’s new LOL comedy streaming platform His TV appearances include an hour long “Comedy Now!” stand-up special airing on The Comedy Network and MTV Canada, The Toronto Show, The Comedy Network’s “Canadian Comedy Shorts” and “Punched Up”, MuchMoreMusic’s “Heat Meter”,”, CBC’s Winnipeg Comedy and Halifax Comedy Festivals and Out TV’s “PopPorn”. His latest appearance at the Halifax fest now has over 2 million online views.

2019 will see the release of his long-awaited debut comedy album “Dawn of the Ted” , an appearance on season 14 of “America’s Got Talent”, his 5th appearance at the Halifax Comedy Festival, a Gala taping at JFL Montreal and a Canadian Comedy Award nomination for Best Stand-up Comic

When Ted isn’t performing he works as a small animal veterinarian, has a nationally syndicated veterinary advice column on CBC Radio 1, and is featured regularly on Global TV’s Morning Show dispensing advice about your weird pets.

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British Columbia

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Kathleen McGee

Did you have that babysitter who was the first person to explain what a bikini wax was? She was the one who always snuck into your mom’s scotch, gave you a nip, then had a screaming fight with her boyfriend on your land line, warned you off all men, then the boyfriend showed up and they spent the rest of the night making out on your couch.

No? You do now.

Kathleen has been seen at Just for Laughs on The Nasty Girls Show, JFL Northwest Nasty Show, a finalist in SiriusXM Top Comic, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, CBC Debaters, CBC Television, Bite TV and can be heard regularly on Sirius XM Radio. She has opened for some of the biggest names in comedy right now including Russell Peters, Hannibal Burress, Dave Foley & Ari Shaffir.
This girl’s unapologetic and dark sense of humor will have you talking long after the show is over.

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Myles Morrison

Myles Morrison

SiriusXM says “Myles Morrison is real deal hilarious.” Saskatoon born Myles Morrison has performed in 12 different countries overseas for NATO soldiers. With appearances on Just For Laugh’s JFL42, CBC’s Laugh Out Loud, SiriusXM’s Laugh Attack and Bite TV’s Comedy Time, Myles consistently wins over crowds with his candid approachability and captivating stage presence.

In 2018 Myles was a finalist in SiriusXM’s “Top Comic” and the Interrobang and Cottage Country Comedy Festival called him “one of the funniest comedians in Canada.” Myles’ albums “Uncommon Nonsense” and “Comedy Crawl” (#1 on iTunes) can regularly be heard on SiriusXM’s Just For Laughs Canada, and his comedy sketches were official selections at the YYComedy Festival. Myles’ clever blend of observations and storytelling immediately grab the whole audience’s attention and never lets it go. His wit, charm and quirky view of the world will leave your sides sore from laughing.

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Northern Ontario

Shawn McLaren

Shawn McLaren has been involved in Northern Ontario’s creative community for over a decade starting with the Canadian Improv Games as a player and eventually as coach during the National Improv Games in Ottawa. His love for creative spontaneity and perhaps, his short attention span, has allowed Shawn to dabble in musical theatre, improv murder mysteries, film, radio and stand up comedy.

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Jean-François (John) Brisson

Jean-François (John) Brisson

Jean-François (John) Brisson is a bilingual stand-up comedy writer and performer from Cochrane Ontario. Jean-François studied comedy writing and performance at Humber College in their first undergraduate program under the tutelage of Allan Guttman, Melody A. Johnson, Andy Massingham, Andrew Clark and Larry Horowitz.

He’s the owner of the historic Empire Theatre, co-chair of the Timmins Comedy Festival and active fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Charities Toronto since 2009.

Cochrane is the hometown of Tim Horton and on behalf of everyone from Cochrane we’d just like to say “You’re welcome Canada!”

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Derek Seguin

Montreal-based Derek Seguin is one of the most sought after stand up comedians on the international circuit. He has performed at the prestigious invitation-only Just For Laughs festival an impressive six times. Last year he filmed a gala set for HBO at the festival where he received a standing-ovation at the city’s 3,500 seat Place des Arts. This led to an invitation to perform at this year’s Nasty Show.

Derek’s other televised appearances include performances at the CBC Winnipeg and Halifax festivals, The Newfoundland Comedy Festival, the Grand Rire du Quebec’s Comedie Club series as well as the Just for Laughs Comedy Special, “Oh Canada!”.

He has also appeared on CBC Radio’s, “The Debaters” more than twenty-five times and recorded two episodes of CBC television’s, “The Debaters”. Undeniably one of Canada’s hottest comedians, he has been touring clubs and theatres across North America intensely for the past few years and his debut concert album “Newfie Octopus” is a bestseller on CD Baby and on iTunes.

Whether he’s ragging on politics or describing life with his children, he brings us into his perspective without preaching any selfish point of view. His undeniable charm makes him simply fun to watch and listen to and is in large part why he is one of Canada’s most “in demand” comedians. The quintessential performer, Derek is a stand-up comedian, actor, host, narrator, voice actor and most importantly, father of 3 beautiful children… and all this, in both English and French (especially the “papa” part).

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Prince Edward Island

Sam MacDonald

Much like another PEI character, Anne Shirley, Sam MacDonald calls PEI home despite being from another province. A rising star who has become a staple of the Maritime comedy scene, Sam shines whether he is performing as the nefarious Dr. Feinstein with PEI’s Red Rock Wrestling, producing and hosting the monthly Kraken Up Maritime Comedy Showcase, or establishing a platform for new comedic voices in his bi-weekly open-mic shows.

A multi-award winner, Sam has found success in his work; he was awarded “Most Unique Concept” at Fringe 2017 for his interview series “What’s so Funny About?” as well as James Mullinger’s Comedy Bootcamp title “Funniest Person on PEI”. His friendly self-deprecating style will leave you unable to decide whether he would give really good hugs or need one really bad.

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Nova Scotia

Nick Martinello

Nick Martinello is a comedian based in Halifax, Nova Scotia who’s wry observational humour focuses on all the disappointments life has to offer. On stage, Nick delivers tightly written material and engaging crowd work.

Nick started his comedy career in Halifax in 2011, making moves to Toronto and the UK to take his showbiz dreams to the next level. Since his humble beginnings, he has written for Vice and CBC Comedy, and performed stand-up on CBC Television, at comedy clubs internationally, and major festivals including Just for Laughs Toronto, Edinburgh Fringe and The Halifax Comedy Festival.

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New Brunswick

Nikki Payne

Nikki Payne (also credited as Nikkie Payne), is a Canadian comedian and actress, from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada. Born with a cleft palate, she is well known for incorporating her lisp into her comedy act.

She has won three Canadian Comedy Awards for Best Stand-up Newcomer and Best Female Stand-up in 2003, 2005 & 2008.

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Newfoundland & Labrador

Mike Hammond

Mike Hammond is a comedian, a writer, and an improviser. This skill set makes him unemployable. Since starting stand-up in 2012, Mike has performed all over Canada including performances with Deanne Smith, Chris Locke, and Mike Wilmot. As an improviser, Mike has learned and performed all over the world. He is also a founding member and current artistic director of Stanley Braxton Improv Co. in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

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Bibi Bilodeau

Bibi Bilodeau performs regularly with Mahaha Comedy in Iqaluit, NU. She has produced popular events such as Ladies Lube Wrestling and Iqaluit Pride featuring Elvira Kurt. She recently started the first all-women standup group in Iqaluit with comic Angnakuluk Freisen, “Women Get Sh*t Done”, to develop more Inuit, queer, and female comics…and to put Nunavut on Canada’ comedy circuit!

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Franco Buscemi

Franco Buscemi is a co-founder and co-producer of Mahaha Comedy in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Mahaha has grown a comedy scene in Iqaluit for local artists to showcase their comedic talents

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Jenny Hamilton

Jenny Hamilton is a stand-up comedian from Canada’s true north, the Yukon. Jenny has been entertaining people for decades, the last 10 years with a mic in her hand. Performing from Alaska to Australia, she is a crowd favourite of burly Miners and Grandmas alike, and everyone in-between. Jenny brings original and personal comedy to her shows. Growing up and living in the Yukon has given her a different perspective of the world. A facetious skewed view.

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Northwest Territories

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