Dear Members of the Canadian Association of Stand-up, Sketch, and Improv Comedians (CASC),

We want to share an exciting opportunity that we believe will greatly benefit the comedy community. The Canadian Association of Stand-up, Sketch, and Improv Comedians (CASC) has the chance to become a Unifor chapter, and we’d like to highlight the numerous advantages and opportunities this affiliation would bring.

What is Unifor?

Community chapters are based on one important principle: we’re stronger when we work together. Forming a chapter is more than just signing up, as an individual. It means that you are ready to find people who are in a situation similar to yours and to work with them to achieve your goals. CASC is ready.

Community chapters aim to reach out to workers in non-traditionally organized workplaces and sectors. For instance, workers who are self-employed, freelance, contract or have various precarious working conditions can now work together to form a community chapter. 

The goal of this CASC community chapter is to give a voice to our community that did not have one before.

Does this mean we are Unionizing? 

No. While both Unifor community chapters and unionizing with collective bargaining involve organizing workers to advocate for their interests, they differ in their focus and approach. 

Community chapters prioritize community-building, advocacy, and support, while unionizing with collective bargaining aims to negotiate legally enforceable contracts with employers to secure specific terms and conditions of employment.

Unifor’s Community Chapters are a new tool for building our communities and our power as working people.

What Benefits does Unifor offer?

Package of union benefits: The national union will secure an accessible benefits package allowing members in community chapters to opt-in to a coverage plan. Details will be available at The national union will also seek out discounted credit cards, financial services and other discount opportunities.

Networking and training: The national union will work to connect members in community chapters with education opportunities when available. The national union will also attempt to develop an education program and to connect the work of the chapter to the general work and activities of the union.

For example, a research project that CASC would like Unifor to take on is an “audit” of all Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Clubs across Canada. This would give us the information we already know but in a professional matter that can be presented to the government for real change.

Next Steps: Your Input Matters!

Before proceeding, we want to ensure that this decision reflects the collective interests of our members. We will be hosting our AGM in April to have a final vote on Unifor. Your participation is crucial in shaping the future of our association.

We believe that joining Unifor as a chapter is a significant step forward for Canadian comedy, providing us with the tools and support needed to navigate the unique challenges of our industry. We look forward to your active participation in the upcoming town hall and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for our community.

Thank you for your time and ongoing commitment to the Canadian comedy scene.