The Cultural Human Resources Council has launched the Cross-Sectoral Recovery Roundtable (CSRR) project, and CASC will participate in the Roundtables in October and November!

To represent the comedy sector Sandra Battaglini, President, Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians, will sit in the English-Language Roundtable, and François Brouard, Membre de l’Observatoire de l’humour et le groupe de recherche sur l’industrie de l’humour, will sit in the French-language Roundtable.

The purpose of these roundtables is to bring together spokespersons from across the country to share and discuss issues facing the arts and culture sector in all disciplines. These tables are temporary structures designed to serve the short-to mid-term needs of the arts sector during the recovery period from COVID-19.

This initiative relies entirely on cultural sector stakeholders from all disciplines and industries participating in order to democratically gather information, formulate solutions to problems and inform extra-sectoral stakeholders (governments, etc.) on the issues that the arts sector face collectively as Canada’s creative sector is reignited.

CASC will be reaching out to the comedy community to gather information for their initial reports, which will provide a situation overview and top priorities.

Please be on the lookout for communications from CASC in the coming weeks!

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