Did you hear the one about the Canadian comedy satellite-radio channel that changed its format, dropping “Canada” from its name, and then promised it would strengthen the reach of Canadian comedy? The punchline, according to many Canadian comedians, is not at all funny.

The controversy involves a satellite-radio station on SiriusXM Canada that airs comedy routines. Canada Laughs was marketed as “uncensored Canadian stand-up, sketch, improv and music.” But last week, some listeners noticed a change. Suddenly, the station was playing a great deal of material from Just For Laughs (JFL) festivals.

When word got out in the comedy community that JFL would be programming the station, some Canadian comedians became frantic with concern. The station has been a consistent venue for Canadian stand-up material, and playing JFL content would mean less room for their work.

“Let’s be honest,” Quebec comedian Derek Seguin said. “They’re not going to play me as much now that they can play Jerry Seinfeld and Tim Allen.”

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