Just For Laughs’ SiriusXM Deal Is Screwing Over Canadian Comedians

Howie Mandel is taking food out of the mouths of comedians. It’s not funny!

It’s hard making a living as Canadian comedian.

I mean, it’s not the hardest thing.

In this world of surreal and discordant miseries where spiritually deadening and precarious service jobs jut up against rapidly disappearing blue collar jobs that leave destroyed bodies and opioid addictions in their wake, the plight of us love-starved, barbed-witted narcissists can seem unworthy of the average person’s concerns.

But let’s give it a shot, shall we?

There are a handful of TV writing jobs in Canada. (I currently populate one of those jobs for which I am incredibly grateful and pay tribute every night to a shrine of Rick Mercer, Canadian god of mirth and merriment, in hopes of retaining it). These shows are ignored by a huge chunk of the population and a major portion of the people who do watch, seem it do it for the sole purpose of being able to run out into the night, naked save for a yellow vest, screaming about defunding the CBC.

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