Get Comedy Recognized As An Art Form

Comedy is still not recognized as an art form in Canada. Crazy right?

Now more than ever, comedians must get the government to recognize comedy as an art so their industry can benefit from the programs that many other art sectors have access to.

Canadian comedians do not have access to arts grants that are available to peers in theatre, music, circus, dance, literature and visual art. Access to these grants will immediately create career opportunities for comedians in stand up, sketch and improvisation that allow them to tell Canadian stories.

We’re asking you to email your local MP and have them request that the Canada Council for the Arts and Canadian Heritage include Comedy as a discipline as soon as possible.

As it stands, Canadian comedians can apply under Theatre or Literature – but neither is a true fit to the art form and forces comedians to needlessly alter or dilute their language and presentation.

The lack of recognition has not only left Canadian comedians out of professional advancement and development opportunities offered by these grants, but most recently has left them out of aid from COVID-19 relief.

Please help us make ths change by emailing your local MP today.