Comedy Here Often? branches into hosting content from independent comedians beginning with Joanne O’Sullivan’s Just for Once podcast

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Making good on their promise from earlier in the year, Canadian comedy label Comedy Here Often? is now open to third-party content. In the wake of the JFL/SiriusXM controversy, CHO? announced that it was opening its YouTube channel to allow the delivery of content by comedians not signed to the label. This is an attempt to provide more space for independent comedy in Canada to flourish, both with exposure and monetization.

The first hosted third-party content under the CHO? banner will be Joanne O’Sullivan’s Just for Once podcast. A veteran stand-up comic, Joanne has performed across the country and written for This Hour Has 22 Minutes and Baroness von Sketch Show. She’s the proud winner of a Writers Guild of Canada award and is a Canadian Comedy Award nominee.

Just for Once chronicles the ups and downs of Joanne’s re-entry into stand-up comedy after a 10-year hiatus to focus on television, as she pursues her decade-old dream of performing at Just for Laughs in Montreal. Episodes are short, funny and offer unique insight into the life of a stand-up comic.

“In February Comedy Here Often? announced that it was opening its YouTube channel to third-party content,” says 604 Records president Jonathan Simkin. “I am pleased and proud to announce our first third-party podcast, Joanne O’Sullivan’s Just for Once, will have the Comedy Here Often? channel as its home on YouTube. When Joanne contacted us, and we had an opportunity to talk to her and listen to her podcast, we quickly decided that it would be amazing to have her be a part of our site. We cannot be happier to welcome the Just for Once podcast to the CHO? YouTube channel!”

“I’m thrilled to have Just for Once joins the 604 Records family as their inaugural independent podcast,” says O’Sullivan. “What Jonathan and 604 are doing with Comedy Here Often? is a major step forward in helping Canadian comics gain the exposure and support they need and deserve. I’m thankful to the CHO? team and excited to be on the ground floor of such a wonderful opportunity.”

The fragility of the Canadian comedy industry’s infrastructure has been exposed recently, and Comedy Here Often? took keen notice. It is clear that Canada needs more support from diverse avenues for the comedy industry to thrive and never again be one executive decision away from such deep threat. The Vancouver-based label is committed to making sure the country’s comedians have more platform options to profit off of their work. Comedy Here Often? will be a banner for not only the label’s roster of signed artists but a spectrum of work from all over the country and all varieties of comedy. The Vancouver label is stepping up to be a stage at a time where there has been a hazard to the previous ones.

“We have decided we want to do more to support our country’s comedians,” says Simkin. “Hosting third party content on the Comedy Here Often? YouTube channel is a first step in supporting independent comedians in Canada. We will do fair revenue splits. We are open to proposals and will consider anything from one-off sketches to web series to podcasts. We want to be pro-active by providing an alternative destination for independent Canadian comedy to be seen, heard and monetized.”

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