Volunteer Job Positions

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September 28, 2018
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October 8, 2018

Volunteer Job Positions

CASC is looking to fill in two volunteer positions.  Please email info@canadianstandup.ca

Please send in your Full Name, email address, your resume and all information you think is relevant to the position you are volunteering for. ¨Positions are not renumerated unless otherwise stated.

Sponsorships and Grants Manager

This position will have a negotiated remuneration contract with a percentage commission awarded based on revenues generated, as well as in-kind services/products secured that reduce budget line-items.

This person will be responsible for creating and developing a sponsorship strategy and recognition program for CASC and identifying and pursuing relevant opportunities. They will also write grant proposals to solicit funding from existing public and private streams, as well as be aware of new opportunities.

As the Sponsorship and Grants Manager, you will coordinate all efforts with the Executive Committee and any relevant standing committees when it comes to sponsorship and grant source recognition programs.

Establishing a level of trust between CASC and our sponsors is key. To foster a trusting environment, this person must ensure that all stakeholders understand our cause and our organization’s mission so they are clear as to where their funds are going.

Fundraising and Donations Coordinator

This position involves creating and executing fundraising and donations campaigns on behalf of CASC.

This person will plan fundraising events and canvass local business, national corporations, benefactors, celebrities and influential community members for financial support. They must solicit donors from within and outside of the CASC Membership and stakeholder communities, and coordinate all efforts with the executive committee and any relevant standing committees. This person may also meet with donors and philanthropists.

Establishing a level of trust between CASC and our donors is key. To foster a trusting environment, they must ensure that all stakeholders understand our cause and our organization’s mission so they are clear as to where their funds are going.

Membership Coordinator 

This role will involve keeping the membership informed on a regular basis about CASC’s lobbying efforts and other significant developments that CASC is pursuing to establish the foundation for a thriving industry in Canada. This will also include polling membership for their input on how they would like to see CASC serve the community and how CASC can facilitate transparency between them, the industry and stand-up comedians. 


Content Creators 

This role will be responsible for creating videos and messaging that communicate CASC’s mission/vision to members and the general public. It will include sharing latest news and information in a fun and enlightening way. CASC is after all an association of comedians so the main goal is to make them smart, wickedly funny and communicate the real challenges our industry faces in Canada. We want Canadians to know just how critical the role our community plays in the creation of culture and identity in our country. 

Graphic Designer

Create designs, concepts and sample layouts and execute CASC graphic communication including scheduling project implementation and defining budget constraints. They will work with a wide range of media to bring CASC’s message and advocacy to life. This person will work with the Executive and Communications Coordinator to understand scope of work and ensure all communication adheres to the CASC brand.

Industry Relations Coordinator 

This role will establish a strategy for communicating fair treatment of all stakeholders working in the comedy industry. The primary lens will be on the responsibilities of comedians in terms of how they may be expected to conduct their business, as well as how they are treated by producers, the industry, festivals and comedy clubs. They will establish recommendations for fair pay structures that take into consideration type of show, budget and level of experience of comedian. Of course we are not a union but CASC is trying to elevate the conditions of work for comedians so that their art is respected, honoured and compensated fairly. 

Publicist & Media Relations, Pro Bono Service Provider

CASC requires the services of a publicist/media relations person to get positive press coverage. This position requires creating and maintaining good relationships with journalists and media outlets by sending them original, insightful, timely story ideas about CASC and the stand-up industry in general. We are looking for someone to write media releases and assemble press kits. Coaching executive and key CASC personnel on how to speak with reporters and what to say is also key. It’s also important for this person to know if a publicity campaign is working by tracking coverage and measuring effectiveness. This position would transition into contract upon securing revenues in the budget.

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