Brendan Burke is a filmmaker, originally from Canada, but based in Bronx NY for some time. He is looking to cast Canadians for his film.

Please see his reel below.

Bren Patrick Burke – Director Reel from Bren Patrick Burke on Vimeo.

I’m looking for a woman who can play early 20’s. New York based, with some screen credits. The role requires a certain wit that I’m having a bit of a hard time finding amid the traditional actor/casting world.

JILLIAN – early to mid 20’s. Physically and mentally capable, trying to align her ‘book smart’ academic sensibilities with life experience. She lives uneasily at the intersection of illicit nightlife and social justice advocacy in downtown Ottawa.’
The film is a short for festival submission. One day shoot in Brooklyn. SAG short film contract but not SAG considered as well.
You can email him at for more details or make an appointment.