The headline above is more provocative than, “Fund My Observational Humour”, in persuading you to sign an E-Petition to get stand-up comedy officially recognized as an art form. But, I should come clean- I “work clean”. That’s what we in the comedy business call it when a comic doesn’t swear, or perform vulgar material.

Anyway, stand-up comedy, whether dirty or clean, is NOT currently recognized as an art form in Canada. There’s an actual E-Petition to remedy this error, and if you haven’t already clicked through to sign it, after you read this article, you will. Adding your signature to the other 3,600+ that have already been submitted promises to dramatically stimulate the economy.

That’s right, I used the word “economy” in association with telling jokes. So, if you’re rolling your eyes because you think this is a scheme from a bunch of artsy, video game-playing, pot smoking, pizza-eating, lazy, social agitators who can’t keep a steady job, you’re wrong. It’s not a scheme.

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