Losing a friend, family member, or colleague to cancer is always troubling and sad. When that person lived with an enviable kind of energy and passion that filled any room they entered, it’s easy to have mistaken them as invulnerable.

Sandra Carusi was all of these to the comedy community- a friend, colleague, and family member. Her personal and professional commitment to comedians in Canada filled the air around her person and the radio airwaves across the country. Her absence will leave a void in the celebration of comedy that may never be filled with someone of her nature. Her passing leaves us most deeply saddened for her closest friends and her loving family.

With heartfelt condolences on behalf of CASC Membership,

Sandra B., Johanne, Adam, Monty, Barry and Frank.

This fundraising effort was initiated by the comedy and radio community of which Sandra was a big part with her radio show “Inside Jokes”.  Sandra was a major contributor to the comedy community by hosting many popular comedic personalities on her show.  Those comedians want to pay tribute to her by helping raise funds for Sandra’s children.