The Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians is very excited to announce their first national event. We’re holding a Stand-up Awareness Week from September 9th to 15th 2018 all across the country.

Our goal is to create a thriving and dynamic stand-up industry that celebrates diverse voices, both aspiring and legendary. We are incredibly proud of Canada’s rich comedy legacy and are committed to expanding on that success.

We held our first stand-up marathon in Toronto in June and it was an incredible success. We want to continue to build the momentum and awareness about what we’re up to and raise funds for CASC.

We are asking comedy producers who would like to get involved to:

  1. Promote “The 1st Annual CASC Comedy Awareness Week” at any, or all shows from September 9th through 15th.
  2. Promote and have MCs mention CASC’s (abbreviated) mission:

“CASC is the first ever unified voice for Canadian stand-up comics. Our mission is to build a thriving stand-up industry that celebrates Canada’s rich comedy legacy.”

  1. Have MCs mention
  2. Pay all comedians performing on shows that are part of Comedy Awareness Week.
  3. Venues/Producers are NOT to collect donations on our behalf, but instead, direct people to to donate online.
  4. Venues/Producers are asked to consider donating to CASC, but the first goal of the nation-wide event is to generate AWARENESS.

In return, CASC will offer producers/venues:

  1. Listing on our Website.
  2. Individual mentions in our social media.
  3. Electronic CASC Logos to use in any print or online promotions they create.
  4. Mention in any Media Release CASC creates.

If you currently produce a show or want to create something during that week, please fill in the form below.

    Venues can do so directly via cheque in the mail, payable to: The Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians

    ATTENTION: Treasurer, CASC
    The Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians
    1300 Gerrard St. E.
    Toronto, ON  M4L 1Y7

    One of the fun events we’re planning is a Comedy Fashion show. Comedians will model local designer fashions and then do a stand-up set at the end of the runway. The reason this is happening is that the fashion industry faces the same issues as the stand-up industry. They do not receive any funding and many fashion advocates have been tirelessly working over the last couple of decades to have that changed. So if you have an idea for something fun and interesting, we’d love to hear about it. This will be happening September 16th at the Gladstone Hotel. Details to come.

    What does CASC do with the money that is donated?

    CASC will use the money donated to continue lobbying government and building awareness around the issues that affect the stand-up industry in Canada. This includes everything from printing posters, to paying our lobbyists, and creating content so that our message will be profound, loud and clear. We have a very unique story to share with Canadians and the world. We’re thrilled that incredible people all over the country are offering their help and resources to spread the word and build pride in this amazing art form that we so love and cherish.

    Thank you for your time.