What can I do to help CASC?

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May 11, 2018
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May 28, 2018

What can I do to help CASC?

Many have been asking how they can help CASC in their day to day lives. Below you will find 10 way you can help push our message out and get CASC the visibility it deserves.

1. Support CASC Stand-up Awareness Week:  From September 9th to 15th, CASC is raising awareness all across Canada. You can show your support by sharing the event and details here: canadianstandup.ca/casc-awareness-week

2. Share the Website: You can share the website and all its pages as many times as you like and on any platform. Use the share bar that appears on each page.

3. Add visuals and links to your website: If you have a website, here are some images you can put in your sidebar or in your header to support CASC and get more people visiting the site.

Petition short link: bit.ly/CASCPetition

Petition Signature link: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-1512

CASC support stand up comedy


4. Sign up to our mailing list: Numbers are everything. The more people we have wanting to know about CASC gives us traction and shows the government we are being supported as well.

5. Print the info sheet: If you own a business you can have the info sheet in the window or at the cash register. If you run a comedy show, you can print out this info letter and give them to your patrons at the beginning of every show.

6. Like, Comment and Share: You can show support by re-sharing, liking and commenting on our social media posts. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin – @canadianstandup

7. Make a statement: If you want to make a statement yourself, you can use the text below. We did the work so all you have to do is copy/paste!

The first-ever unified voice for stand-up comedians in Canada has been established. I’m proud to support the creation of success for comedians and the comedy industry. The first initiative is to get the federal government to officially recognize stand-up comedy as an art form in Canada. Why? This will enable stand-up comedians to get equal access to the millions of dollars of arts funding in Canada. SIGN the PETITION at bit.ly/CASCPetition and become a MEMBER here: https://www.canadianstandup.ca/register #CASC #canadianstandup #GovernmentofCanada

8. Help us grow our mailing list: You can print out these table cards and put them in your venues to help CASC grow our mailing list and awareness. If you do, please make sure to reach out to us

Download PDF

9. Donate: You can donate funds to CASC that will help us push our cause and message through parliament and go towards bringing CASC more visibility. You can see our donation page here: https://canadianstandup.ca/donate/

10. Word-of-mouth: Talk about it. If you’re a comedian, talk about this association and why it matters. Every person who hears about CASC will talk about it and remember it when it is mentioned.

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