Comedy at Wee Johnny’s

Open Mic Mondays at Absolute Comedy
August 7, 2019

Winnipeg’s home to new and alternative comedy. Wednesday night is open-mic comedy hosted by Spencer Adamus, Thursday rotates between Improv and Alt. Comedy, Friday night is a showcase of Winnipeg’s best stand-up comedians and Saturday alternates between sketch and stand-up comedy.

8pm or 9pm

Wee Johnny's Irish Pub 177 McDermot Avenue Winnipeg, MB

Type of Show: Open Mic (Show Up and Go Up) | Pre-Booked | Sketch | Improv |
Ticket Price: $5
Number of Sets
Paid Show
Pay Rate Per Set
Pay Rate for Host
Wee Johnny's Irish Pub is located in Winnipeg's historic exchange district. The audience varies show-by-show, but usually skews towards a younger audience. Comedy at Wee Johnny's is a collective of show producers. At the moment, we charge $5 per show but we will be increasing that to $10 per show starting in April. The comedians on the show split 100% of the door. The host gets double the comic pay. Comedians also take turns working box office and tech and they're paid $15 or $20 plus a free drink or two. The producer of the comedy show for that night will receive 10 drink tickets to give out to comedians or audience members. They will also receive a bar payout at the end of the night that is based on food and liquor sales. Base rate is between $150 and $175 and up to $250.