Brussels – Based on the information provided by its members, Pearle* put together a map to visualize the re-opening of Live Performance in Europe. The launch coincides with the virtual Pearle* members conference which takes place from 27 to 29 May.

As the map shows the situation differs from country to country, with some countries allowing already performances for a small number of audience, whilst on the other extreme, some countries haven’t announced any date yet regarding re-opening of venues.

Insofar as possible the map also provides information regarding a countries’ rule on people allowed in a venue or for outdoor performances. One can observe from this information that there is no common approach between countries on this matter. This was addressed by Pearle* in an open letter ahead of the Culture Council meeting on May 18th.

Whilst Pearle* members acknowledge the specific health prevention conditions and adhere to those, the live performance sector aims to open on the basis of full capacity. Without this possibility, the costs are disproportionate with the limited box office income. In this case, they call upon governments to compensate such losses.

The map can be accessed here.

The map will be continuously updated according to the information received.

Pearle*-Live Performance Europe, is the European federation of music, performing arts and live performance organizations. It represents through its members more than 10,000 organizations in the sector. The map has been developed with the help of the national branch associations, member of Pearle*

This is really strong and clear 60 minutes contribution to the “Campaign on Ensuring Culture Fulfills its Potential in Responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic” organized by the consortium of #culture2015goal.

Entitled ‘Ensuring culture fulfills its potential in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic’, the statement’s preamble emphasizes:

“With the world faced with the COVID-19 pandemic today and the need to rebuild our societies tomorrow, culture should be at the heart of the response. Culture brings inspiration, comfort and hope into people’s lives. To harness this potential, the Culture 2030 Goal movement, in the context of its engagement in the United Nations 2030 Agenda, calls on UN agencies, governments and all other stakeholders to act.”

Here is the written statement in various languages on and endorsement for the “Statement on Ensuring Culture Fulfills its Potential in Responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic”