The Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians (CASC) staged a public Town Hall event on Tuesday evening (February 26th).

An incident occurred involving a reporter and an individual identified online as Boyd Banks.

Mr. Banks is not a CASC Member.

We were made aware of his behaviour after the incident. We think his behaviour was despicable, and we offer our sincerest apologies to Chris Glover, the reporter, that this happened at our event.

It was a monumental gathering of Canadian comedians at an historic moment in Canadian comedy history and we are grateful for the media’s interest in the livelihood of Canadian artists.

As CASC grows, we will make changes and invest in precautions to protect the wellbeing of all Members, media, and other attendees at our events.

Over one hundred Canadian comedy artists came together in person, and hundreds more online, to discuss an issue that has highly affected their careers. We are disheartened that these efforts have been overshadowed by the inappropriate actions of one individual.

Mostly, we are concerned for the wellbeing of Mr. Glover and hope for his acceptance of our apology.

-CASC Executive