Mr. Claude Doucet

Secretary General

Canadian Radio-television and

Telecommunications Commission

Ottawa, ON   K1A 0N2


Dear Mr. Doucet,


Re: Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2019-72 –

Sirius XM Canada Inc. (“SiriusXM”) Application 2017-0835-6

Name of Intervenor – (YOUR NAME)

My name is (YOUR NAME), I’m a Canadian comedian.

SiriusXM Canada has made a commitment to broadcast 100% content from independent Canadian comedians on their recently rebranded channel, “Just For Laughs Canada”, Channel 168. This commitment is vital to me as a Canadian comedy artist.

With ongoing financial contributions to programming that benefits Canadian content, SiriusXM will continue to enable me to develop my career as a Canadian artist. As a result, SiriusXM’s “Just For Laughs Canada”, Channel 168 satellite radio platform will provide me with an even greater opportunity to be broadcast and promoted throughout North America.

SiriusXM Canada’s Canadian Content Development (CCD) programming is also very important to me. A portion of this funding helps aspiring and established professional comedians participate in events, which might include programs such as, “SiriusXM’s Top Comic” competition. Programs and events like this provide essential exposure and promotion for Canadian comedy artists like me, and for the content we create and share with audiences across the country.

I enthusiastically support renewing SiriusXM’s broadcasting licence for satellite radio, so that SiriusXM can continue to broadcast my “made in Canada” content. I also wish to express my belief that SiriusXM fulfill its CCD obligations.



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